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Coach KB and Fast Camp Athletics is the "REAL DEAL"! From the very beginning of our training, I knew I was going to improve each session and reach my goals. Coach KB's Fast Camp not only provides great training, it  also teaches "MENTAL TOUGHNESS".  He'll push you to limits you never thought existed. Coach KB has a passion for what he does, as well as the want for you to be great as a person and and athlete, which goes a long way on the lives of young athletes!

Charles Watson (South Alabama DB)



   Fast Camp has been by far the BEST program I've done through my career in sports. I've improved in many aspects of my game and will continue to do so. if you want the best results and to be physically and mentally challenged, Fast Camp Athletics is your place to be!

Mike Coglietti(Grossmont College DB)




   I recommend Fast Camp Athletics to all ages. It is a great way to help you out on your speed, mechanics, and physicality. It also helps you get stronger mentally and physically. Coach KB is a GREAT Coach and he is willing to do anything to help someone reach their goals.

Asante Hartzog(Sophomore QB Madison High School)

*Freshman Offensive Player of The Year*




   Training with Fast Camp is very useful. His Sessions allow you to not only better yourself physically, but also mentally. Training with Coach KB has improved my footwork and overall confidence from competing against various "ELITE" players that he has attending his camps.

Dustin Bush(Washington Huskie DB)




I recommend anybody that wants to become a better athlete to join Fast Camp Athletics! I've been through some rigorous workouts, and Fast Camp is one of the most challenging training programs I've ever been in. His creativity and the types of equipment he uses is unlike any other trainer, His passion for making you into the best athlete you can be is the reason why I will be training with Coach KB every offseason!

Ronnie Yell(BC Lions Defensive Back) 




   My name is Matt Russo and I currently reside in El Cajon,Ca. I am a baseball player and have dreams f becoming a MLB Player. KB's training and credentials speak for themselves. His speed training sessions are at the highest level for making yourself the best athlete on the field, Not only does he allow you the opportunity to becaome a much faster athlete, he also teaches you the knowledge behind the drills and methods we do and holds us accountable as well. I can attest that after 1 month with coach KB, my 60 yard dash went from a 7.5sec to a 7.02sec. My lateral and explosive movements were at a much higher level than when I started. I know I will be training with every offseason with  KB and i recommend him for anyone trying to compete at a premier level in any sport!

(West Hills High School Infielder)












   My experience at Coach KB's Fast Camp was unlike any other. I have trained with other speed coaches before, and I must say this camp along with the fundamentals I acquired will always be a part of my memory going forward in my track career. Coach KB was not only a fantastic coach who pushed me beyond what I thought possible, but I actually feklt he cared about my personal developement as a child and athlete, I'm going tomiss this camp as my family and I have relocated but I'm happy he's just a phone call away. If you want a Coach who's going to bring out the "BEST" athlete and personality in your child, I highly recommend this camp and this Coach. I'm forever changed by the skills I learned and the mentoring Coach KB offered me as my role model and family friend.

Deziray Raboteau( Sophomore Olympian High School Track Sprinter)


 The Fast Camp Training Program that Coach KB runs is by far the best training program I have ever been apart of! I've been to many trainers before and they all lacked something. Whether it was the lack of knowledge, techniques, exercises, or overall motivation, there was something they didn't have. Coach KB brings all of that the the workout. Once I signed with UCLA, I knew I had to get faster and more agile to be able to compete in the Pac-12. I knew from the warm up drills that he was a great Coach! He will never let you settle for anything less than perfection in every rep and every drill. His creativity is beyond every other trainer and camp i've ever been apart of. He's brought my 40 time from a 4.58 to a 4.37. My footwork and body control is the best It's ever been. My 225lb bench press reps went from 3 to 12 within 1 month just by the different variations of pushups he had me doing. My overall confidence has improved, and I credit Coach KB for the type of athlete I am today. I highly recommend that anyone of any  sport or skill level to join KB's Fast Camp Training Program. He will pull the best out of you each and every session. 

DeChaun Holiday(UCLA DB)

Prep Pigskin Award Winner2014


Fast Camp Athletics has helped me tremendously. From faster feet, overall muscle growth, and a faster 40 yard dash. He's the type of Coach that will do it with you just to give you the extra push and motivation! Everything he has us doing, he can do as well. It's a Great Program!

Roman Roberson(Oceanside High School DB)


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